2nd Annual Jackals Trip

On Wednesday, July 18, we were lucky enough to attend a New Jersey Jackals baseball! We all had a great time, and for some of us it was our first time at a professional sporting event! We not only saw a live game in great seats, but we were able to get a tour of their press box and get an inside peek about how media relations work on game day! We have included pictures of our trip, along with quotes that describe our favorite memory from the game.

“The french fries were amazing.” – Marco

“How can the mascot survive that heat?!?” – Ashley V.

“The behind the scenes tour was great. I was surprised how many people it took to make the game fun for fans and to run all the media and technology.” – Nick

“I like how they could use the big screen for stats and live video.” – Justin

“It was cool to see how active the mascot was with the audience. ”-Adam.T

“The activities in between the innings were entertaining.”-Steven


“The food was delicious”-Fernando H.


“ The game was entertaining  especially when you saw the enthusiasm coming from the mascot and workers , you were able to see how hard they would work to entertain all the people watching the game” – Ashley C.

Madden NFL 19

The Madden NFL 19 game release date is less than a month away, and the sports gamer community is already preparing for it’s August 15th troubleshoot. Unlike the last few Madden games released, Madden NFL 19 will have drastic changes that many players are looking forward to. First and foremost, there will be 3 cover athletes. These will be Antonio Brown, Terrell Owens for the Hall-Of Fame edition, and Carson Wentz for Madden Mobile. These are some changes and additions to the game.

First of all, there will be a couple of base 99 overall players. These players will be Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Rob Gronkowski, Von Miller, Luke Kuechly, Antonio Brown, and Aaron Donald. Though many players end up becoming 99 overalls by the end of the season, these players will be the most expensive and   sought-after players when that August 15th release date comes up. Second, Madden is coming to PC! This is Madden’s largest update in a really long time, because it will increase Madden’s market to PC gamers. It will be interesting to see how Madden runs on gaming computers.

Other minor updates is that Madden is adding more specific positions to depth charts, such as slot receivers and power running backs. The robotic movement of defensive backs, cornerbacks, and fullbacks has been one of the largest gripes of the Madden community over the past couple of years, and so Madden has added a more human-like form to cornerbacks, safeties, and running backs to make the game a bit more realistic. This may help bring people back into the game who believe the movements of players on field are too robotic.

Madden 19  Overdrive (Madden NFL Mobile)

This year, Madden is basically revolutionizing the way Madden Mobile is played. As a Madden Mobile player, the graphics were honestly terrible, though everything else was not bad. However, this year, the scoring system has changed, and the graphics are vastly improved. Now, Madden Mobile head to head matches are scored in fantasy points, not real points! This means that anything as little as a gain of 5 yards will get you points.. Madden has also added coaches, tactics, and other small improvements that could make the overall experience of the game much better. It’ll be interesting to see a Madden Mobile game that isn’t exactly like it’s predecessors.

Rookie stats

In Madden 19, they are releasing a Lamar Jackson with 91 speed and very high strength and agility stats. Baker Mayfield has 95 throw power, or in other words you can throw bombs from midfield straight into the end zone with this card. Saquon Barkley is also looking very well rounded, with all of his quickness related stats (acceleration, agility, etc.) above 92. Bradley Chubb also has 91 strength, making him a very good option for a pass rusher. However, the crown for the fastest rookie goes to Calvin Ridley, who is only 77 overall but has 93 speed and 95 agility, while having 93 acceleration. His speed and low overall means that he has the potential to burn 90 overall elite cornerbacks and potentially 91-93 safeties and 88-90 defensive backs, while still being a budget beast. With a strong quarterback such as Mayfield this could mean doom for a higher ranked opponent in a head to head match.

By: Steven Mangandid

Copa America: Brazil 2019

In 2019 there will be another major soccer event called the Copa America. It will be on June 14 – July 7. The Copa America features all the countries from South America. Also this year they invited 2 teams, Japan and Qatar. There will be 5 host cities which will be Rio De Janeiro, Salvador, São Paulo, Porto Alegre, and Belo Horizonte.

It was about to be hosted in Chile but since Brazil hosted the 2013 Confederations Cup, 2014 World Cup, and the 2016 Summer Olympics, they decided to host this. Since I’m Brazilian, I am so excited for this event. The USA and Mexico were invited into the tournament but turned down the opportunity, as they will play in the 2019 Gold Cup. There are rumors that in the future the tournament could expand to 16 teams, including Spain and Portugal.

By: Nicholas Gomes

Nathan Chen


Nathan Chen with his Bronze Medal from PyeongChang 2018

Nathan Chen is an American figure skater and he competes in men’s single discipline. He was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. He started skating at the age of three in his hometown and originally wanted to become a hockey goalie, but is now a well known figure skater. The schools he attended were West High School and Rim of the World High School.  He graduated from California Connections Academy. Along with figure skating, he also trained in ballet with Ballet West Academy.

He won bronze in the 2018 Winter Olympics, and is known for throwing six quads in the historic free skate. He was also the first skater to land a quad flip in the Olympics. He is one of the youngest male figure skating Olympic medalists.

By: Josh Gonzalez

Is OBJ going to be traded?

NFL NY Giants player Odell Beckham Jr was born in November 5 1992,  his age is 26, and he was born in Baton Rouge, LA. Odell is one of the best players on the New York Giants and one of the best wide receivers in the NFL.  Odell sometimes catches the ball with two hands and other times he catches it with one hand.

The Giants might or might not trade Odell Beckham Jr.. Its all according to ESPN Adam Schefter. Schefter had reported that teams across the NFL no longer think the Giants will be looking to trade Odell Beckham Jr. but there is still a chance a team offers the Giants an offer they can not refuse. Odell has been working out with the Giants in the off season, so that is a good sign. I am hoping that the Giants do not trade him.

By: Xavier Perez

Belgium 2, Brazil 1

Brazil vs Belgium was an intense match. The score was 2-1, Belgium won. I’m Brazilian so I was furious. That was the Quarter Finals and Belgium move on to the Semi Finals. Brazil played good this World Cup. This was a nice world cup for Brazil, and I hope next world cup Brazil will reach at least The Finals.

People are saying that Neymar Jr. didn’t do good this World Cup and I agree because he didn’t do anything. He only scored 1 goal this whole world cup. Also, I am pretty mad because in the Brazil vs. Belgium game, he had 3 chances of scoring a goal but missed them.

Click here for highlights of the game.

By: Nicholas Gomes


Ronaldo to Juventus!

        We all know the famous Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, the one everyone admires. This famous player has been playing since the age of 18 with Manchester United after being diagnosed with heart disease at the age of 15.The Portuguese player haS been sold to another club by after  playing nine years with Real Madrid. He will begin a new chapter in his career at Juventus in Italy.

        As I said before   the Portuguese player had played played four years in Manchester United but in 2009 he got sold to Real Madrid. He has made about  450 goals in about 436 games, quite a lot. Perhaps you are asking yourself how is Ronaldo doing in the World Cup? Sorry to break it you but Ronaldo’s team got disqualified  for losing against Uruguay this year but after a few weeks Ronaldo got sold to Juventus.

        Why was Ronaldo sold to Juventus?  Ronaldo realized that Messi received a contract that was worth €41m net per year and Neymar was earning €35m net per year yet he was only earning €21m net per year after this year. The point is he had felt like Real Madrid didn’t care for him. We for sure know that’s one reason but their was probably another reason  that triggered him to do this and that would be his obsession with his rival Lionel Messi. According to ESPN and the questions ITV asked ex-Manchester United winger Ryan Giggs, Cristiano Ronaldo is obsessed with being better than Messi. Giggs also mentions that he was quite surprised after seeing Ronaldo leave to Juventus . Giggs also thinks about that  after all of this maybe Ronaldo’s final thoughts would be “I did it in England I did it in Spain , I’m going to do it in Italy and I did it with Portugal. What has Messi done?”

By: Ashley Castillo

France 4, Croatia 2 – World Cup Final

The World Cup Final  was yesterday and it was one of the best matches of the World Cup.The two  teams who were facing in the final were France and Croatia.The score was 4-2, as France won the World Cup. Here are the goals from the game. In the 18th minute of the game Mario Mandzukic scored an own goal. He headed it in by accident. Then in the 28th minute Ivan Perisic made a curving goal on France. Croatia got called for a handball penalty so France got a penalty kick. Antoine Griezmann made the penalty kick in the 38th minute.

So now it was 2-1 and Croatia fans were in disbelief. In  the 59th minute France scored another goal, this time by Paul Pogba. In the 6th minute Kylian Mbappe made it 4-1 with a beautiful strike. Mario Mandzukic made up for the own goal when he scored himself in the 69th minute. The game ended 4-2 and France won their second World Cup.

Click here for highlights of the game.


NFL Rule Changes



Dez Bryant’s “non-catch” in the 2014 playoffs

In effect immediately during the first game of the NFL season, there will be drastic rule changes that will both simplify and complicate the game. First and foremost, the NFL has decided to change the definition of a catch. The new definition of a catch is that “ a receiver must control the ball, establish himself in bounds and perform a football move — such as a third step or a lunge — to make a legal catch.”, according to ESPN. This may remove some controversy, but it will add more because sometimes it can be hard to know whether the receiver performed a football move or not.

Another rule is that there will be a 15 yard penalty for lowering your head and initiating contact. Even though there is already a rule for targeting, this rule is a lot more strict because it also affects running backs lowering their head and pushing for more yards. Quarterbacks scrambling for a couple yards on third yard situations will also be affected. You do not necessarily have to target the defender, you simply have to lower your head. This will be a hard rule to overcome for mobile quarterbacks who tend to not slide.

Some minor updates to the rule book also will occur. . Instead of having to run the ball back, or calling a touchback when the ball is kicked into the endzone, all kick-offs will result in a 25 yard touchback. This will reduce the need for star kick returners like Pharoh Cooper and Tyreek Hill which may or may not have a large impact on the game. Also, there is no longer a need to take a pointless PAT at the end of regulation. If your team scored a touchdown and is now up by 3 points (making it impossible for the other team to block the kick and return it for a touchdown, resulting in 2 points), you do not have to take the kick. It is a very minor rule change, but it does change a very outdated rule.

By: Steven Mangandid


Mexico 2 – South Korea 1

On June 23rd, Mexico faced South Korea in the World Cup, and  it was a very good game with the score of 2-1, with Mexico winning. In the First half when Andres Guardado  kicked the ball one of the South Korean players was sliding and it touched his elbow inside the box and it was a penalty. So Carlos Vela took the penalty and it was a GOAL!!

In the 2nd half number 22 which is Hirving Lozano passed it to number 14 Javier Hernandez then when he got closer he made a goall!!! It was one of Javier Hernandez first goal of the World Cup. Then a few minutes later Korea made a goal. So for now it was 2-1. They put an extra 5 minutes and when the 5 minutes ended it was over.Mexico won this match 2-1.

By: Ashley Valderrabano

Ground Breaking NBA Summer

The two most interesting things that happen in the NBA this offseason are:


1 LeBron James going to the Lakers

2  Demarcus Cousins going to the Warriors


I think there is going to be a big impact on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron had carried that team to a championship and won and this year the went to the Finals but then they got blown out by the Warriors. Kevin Love needs to pick up his game and JR Smith needs to pay attention more and not go to the wrong basket!


I think the Lakers are going to do good because Lonzo and LeBron have a good chemistry together. LeBron’s contract is for 4 years and 154 million dollars



2 The New Orleans Pelicans lost their center Demarcus Cousins to the Golden State Warriors which leaves the Warriors with the best starting 5 in the NBA. They now have 5 All-Stars on their team! And they already are back to back champs.


By: Justin Mabry

2018 World Cup Review…. The Good, The Bad, and The Surprising


The teams that are having a great World Cup are Croatia and Belgium because Belgium eliminated Japan and then the winner of the most World Cups, Brazil. Croatia eliminated Denmark and the host Russia. They also beat England and are now in the Final! Croatia is the smallest country to make the Final in over 60 years, with only 4.4 million people living there.



The teams that had a horrible World Cup are Germany, Argentina, and Spain because they got out in the Group stage or Round of 16. Most of the people expected that these teams could win the World Cup! All of these teams are very good and are not used to losing so early.



The teams that make a surprise in the World Cup are Russia and Japan.

Russian fans expected that they were going to get out in the Group Stage and in the Round of 16 they eliminated Spain. In the quarter finals they faced Croatia.They played a really good game, but in the penalty kicks they lost and got eliminated. Japan had a really good Group Stage. They beat Colombia, and they tied with Senegal. They advanced to the Round of 16 because of fair play. In the Round of 16 had a two goal lead against Belgium, before Belgium made a great comeback.

The biggest award goes to France, the winners of the 2018 World Cup. Well done!

By: Marco Sanchez

Sports Journalism Club Attends NJ Jackals Game

Yesterday the Sports Journalism Club had the opportunity to attend a NJ Jackals game at Yogi Berra Stadium on the campus of Montclair State University! The Jackals won 2-1 in the 9th inning on a walk-off base hit! The group had an amazing time, and before the game were given a tour of the press box, met the audio video staff, got to use the camera that is the main feed for the live streaming games, and had a Q & A with Public Address Announcer and Radio play-by-play voice of the Jackals.

For a number of the students, it was their first time at a professional sporting event. Here are some thoughts from some of our students.

“The seats were great and the food was awesome!” – Deangelo

“It was our first time at a baseball game, it was so much fun!” – Tracy and Leilani

“It was cool to see the press box. I got to use the camera!” – Jeffrey D.

“I liked seeing how the scoreboard worked.” – Juan


New York Giants

Image result for nyg

Why I like New York Giants? I like the Giants because one day my brother was watching one of their games, I think it was against with the Eagles and when I saw them playing I started liking how they played. I never went to their games but I hope one day I will go.


Image result for obj

My favorite player is Odell Beckham Jr. because ever since he caught the football with one hand that’s when I start having him as my favorite player. Click here to watch OBJ’s famous one-handed catch!

The Giants play their home games in MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. They made the playoffs last year with an 11-5 record. The first open practice for the public in July 28.

By: Guadalupe Valderrabano



A Legend is Born

Image result for cristiano ronaldo sporting

Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in world as of today. Ronaldo was born on the small island of Madeira, Portugal. Ronaldo started to play for Sporting Lisbon when he was 11 years old and Sporting made Ronaldo the player he is today. He struggled to be accepted at first when he joined the Sporting Academy. He was made fun of for his Madeiran accent, and he felt like he was being ignored on the field by his teammates, like an outcast. He came to see however that he was very accepted and that Sporting gave him a great support system.

Image result for cristiano ronaldo champions league trophy

Ronaldo said how he always wanted more from himself, not just as a human being, but as a soccer player. Ronaldo has always said that the reason why you don’t see him smoking or doing drugs and having tattoos is because where he grew up, it was a bad place for kids like him. He heard people have died from doing one of these acts. But in the end this also made Ronaldo be so thankful and grateful for who he is today.

Then Ronaldo soon went on to Manchester United and after words he went to Spain to play for Real Madrid and remains in Madrid up to this day.

Watch some of his highlights here.

By: Deaneglo Vargas